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Presentation Box Styles

This page will help you decide which type of Presentation Box design will best suit your requirements.

Any of these styles can be constructed from White, Black or Coloured Single or Double-Lined Board in a range of thickness.

Pack-in-a-Box can also create a variety of insert types and outer slipcases to fit most of these Box Designs. View our Inserts page for more info.

Finishing Materials

All of our Bespoke Presentation Boxes are available covered and finished in a variety of Colours, Materials. Take a look at our Covering Materials page for a detailed view of available finishing papers.

Pack-in-a-Box can also design your Presentation Box Packaging to be finished with bespoke printed and/or laminated papers.

We also can add your Logo, Images or Text using Hot Foil Blocking & Stamping in virtually any colour or metallic finish. View our Blocks & Printing page for more info.

Construction Types

Although Double or Single lined Board construction is the most often used material for creating our boxes, we can also construct your Presentation Box from a range of Coloured or Clear Plastics.

Our standard Card and Plastic Materials range from 500micron and 4000micron in thickness.

This can be the entire box simply the lid or any combination. Simply Contact Us for more detailed information on alternative materials.

The Pack-in-a-Box Gallery

Take a look through the Pack-in-a-Box Portfolio which includes some examples of our best Presentation Box Designs.

Mono Box and Lid WireFrame

Box & Lid

Classic Box and Lid design. This is a standard presentation box with a free fitting lid. We can produce to any dimensions with a lid of any depth to suit.
White on Black Wireframe Shoulder Box

Shoulder Box

Presentation Box with Shoulder. This can be constructed with either a standard, hidden or exposed shoulder. The exposed shoulder can be any height and is very effective in a contrasting colour.
White on Black Wireframe Bookstyle Box

BookStyle Box

The BookStyle Presentation Box, as suggests, is finished to look like a book. It incorporates a flip or double flip lid with a selection of shutting clasps or magnets.
White on Black Wireframe Clamshell Box


A Clamshell Presentation Box is made using either one or two pieces of card depending on requirements. The benefit of this design is that it allows for two presentation areas when open.
White on Black Wireframe Clamshell

Hinged Lid Box

(4-Sided Lid)

4-Sided Rigid Hinged Lid Presentation Box. Standard Box & Lid Design with the Lid Section attached, along one side, at the BOTTOM edge of the base.
White on Black Wireframe 3-Sided Box

Hinged Lid Box

(3-Sided Lid)

3-Sided Rigid Hinged Lid Presentation Box. Standard Box & Lid Design with the Lid Section attached, along one side, at the TOP edge of the base.
White on Black Wireframe Collar Box

Collar Box

with Metallic Hinged Lid

A Collared Presentation Box resembles our Shoulder Box in construction with variable collar heights. The Lid however is attached along one edge using a metallic hinge.
White on Black Wireframe Slipcase


(Chevron, Thumbcut or Sloped)

Presentation Slipcases designed to fit your Books, Brochures or other Project Materials. Available with Chevron, Sloped or Straight with Thumbcuts.
White on Black Wireframe RingBinder

Ring Binder

Standard Presentation Ring Binder Designed, Sized and Covered to your specific requirements.
White on Black Wireframe DVD Slipcase

DVD Slipcase

DVD Presentation Slipcases available in Plastic, Card or Clear PVC. All can be printed or stamped to your requirements.
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